For over two years, here at the Harvard Undergraduate Research Journal, we’ve provided the Harvard community with the latest in undergraduate-related science. Every semester, we publish research in the broadest possible interpretation of quantitative science and we feature Harvard-related events, programs, and general happenings. We’re very lucky to be able to expose our readers to such a wide slice of the scientific world in one publication: we get to communicate the cutting-edge work of our peers to the scientific and undergraduate community, and we also can spread the word on the influential research-relevant activities happening all around us at Harvard.
The scientific world, though, moves fast, and to keep up, thurj intends to publish short, fun articles on some of the interesting things that are going on in science right now, which will affect our lives in the present or the future. We hope you enjoy these articles and that it sparks that scientist inside of you to get more involved in the undergraduate research community! At thurj we have an unbridled love for science and we hope it becomes infectious through these blog posts.

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