And welcome freshmen! This new year is in full force and at thurj we’ve already had our general introductory meeting, which was a huge success. Sever 112 was packed with people who were interested in becoming a part of thurj. We were delighted to see so many new faces, and even happier to see the same faces show up at our individual board introductory meetings. We’re very optimistic that this will be our best semester yet, with many of our boards expanding, trying new and challenging ideas, and perfecting their trade. I don’t want to get into specifics now, so be sure to show up to our general meeting in Ticknor Lounge this Saturday (the 19th) at 4pm to find out what we’re up to.

Just a quick note for people who may have questions about specific things: don’t hesitate to send an email to and we can answer your question or redirect you to the best person to do so.

Best wishes to everyone for this school year!




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