The first general meeting of this year was great and a lot of fun! Despite a last-minute room change, a lot of thurj showed up to participate.

The samosas and chips were delicious and SPR once again bought their favorite apple cider as a nice refreshing drink to go with the food. After some mingling time, we kicked off the meeting with board updates to get everybody on the same page.

Afterward, we played Jeopardy (well, sort of)! The “answers” were tediously written by the exec board with categories such as Physical sciences, Social sciences, and Pop culture. Some of the questions that stumped everyone were things like “This element is the heaviest one with the same number of electrons as Aluminum” (or, as Varun pointed out, “Aluminium”) in the Physical sciences for 500. Also, “These are the three requirements in order to become a House Master” was one that was surprisingly difficult. In a similar vein, the Life sciences category was quite daunting as the $200 answer was

Ecology defines this type of selection as the situation that arises from unstable environments, where organisms tend toward high reproduction rates and short generation times.

By the end of the game, though team Grace Cho held a $300 lead over the next team, all three teams bet all of their money in Final Jeopardy, and we ended up with a three-way tie between Teams Grace Cho, John Mei, and thurj at $0. A lifelong lesson from the Final Jeopardy question: even though “123456” is the most commonly used password, never use “password” either, because that’s what everyone will guess.




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