Don't you wish all of the guys you knew looked like me?

According to a new article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS), a world where all the males look like Chace Crawford simply cannot exist.  The authors from the University of Queensland in Australia artificially inserted males containing a combination of contact pheromones known to be sexually attractive to females into a population of fruit flies.

Unfortunately, the study suggests that there is a plateau for the proportion of the population that can display the most attractive phenotype.  This evolutionary limit was reached seven generations after the insertion of these highly attractive males at around 35% of the population.  The authors posit that these flies were unable to maintain nonsexual fitness while preserving sexual fitness (sort of like how peacocks with huge feathers are more attractive but also much worse at running from predators) and that maintaining the qualities that made these males highly attractive may also impede genetic variation.

Of course, these results only looked at a particular trait in flies.  So it stands to reason that even if we can’t have a world filled with Chace Crawfords, we can still have a world full of Brad Pitts and James McAvoys and Alex Pettyfers since they all look different, right?  Right?

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