A glorious super moon rises above Grand Rapids, Michigan, much like a magnificent sunrise http://www.space.com/11179-supermoon-photos-full-moon-2011-skywatchers.html

Just 50 minutes after perigee (when the moon comes closest to the earth in its orbit) and reaching its full phase, a beautiful super moon rose into the night sky, dazzling viewers around the globe. This was the biggest full moon yet in the last 18 years. Though forecasts of the super moon night were sometimes dire (many feared it would trigger tsunamis and earthquakes), these myths turn out to be wholly unfounded.

Instead, the night of Saturday, March 19 became a night for families to gather together and enjoy the awe-inspiring spectacle put on by our planet’s lone satellite, a premature moon festival (the Chinese lunar festival is in August). It was a good time to reminisce about the folkloric tradition that has been elaborated over the ages in almost every culture about the moon. And a good time to take pictures.

For the full article and more photos, check out http://www.space.com/11179-supermoon-photos-full-moon-2011-skywatchers.html

A skywatcher in Russia took this photo of the super moon http://www.space.com/11179-supermoon-photos-full-moon-2011-skywatchers.html