What is the world coming to when spiders can dance like Patrick Swayze?

These spiders are male jumping spiders. They dance when they woo.

From this article recently published on NPR, here’s a quick introduction to their basic moves:

“We start with a flourish of side-to-side quicksteps, then two front legs are fully (and repeatedly) extended like a referee signaling “touchdown!”…This, apparently, is what spider ladies like. The more the male spider shakes, vibrates and extends, the more the female will consent to copulate. I don’t know if that “leg snap” thing is the move that gets them over the top, but males who have been “muted” (waxed so they can’t dance) frequently get eaten by their intendeds. So if you’re a male jumping spider, it’s best to dance your heart out.”

Watch here for an amazingly hilarious video of how dense guys can be…this dancing male spider spends over 2 minutes wooing a…dead female spider.

Photo credit to NPR




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