This sequence of images shows one worm (Pristionchus pacificus) ripping a hole in its companion (C. elegans) and feasting off the innards that gush out due to the worm's higher internal pressure; image retrieved from

We normally think of C. elegans as harmless, translucent wimps. Sure, it may have thrice been a Nobel Laureate, but who can really respect a worm that when prodded, slithers away without a fight, and when starved or frozen hibernates in their dauer stage (a non-reproductive phase). But you might want to think again before you squish that seemingly identical relative of C. elegans, Pristionchus pacificus. Thought it looks the same as its harmless relative to the untrained eye, Pristionchus pacificus sports strong teeth that help it rip apart other worms and gain access to their meaty contents. Worm guts…a satisfying meal no doubt.

Check out the youtube video of nematode cannablism in action

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