Scrooge exerting a force upward against gravity and increasing the potential energy of Tiny Tim:

For science nerds, what’s Christmas and New Years without throwing around a few tactless jokes about the odorant molecules in your pungent family dinner reaching your olfactory epithelium through your cribriform plate? Or commenting to everyone’s annoyance about how cousin Moe is applying the wrong torque to open his soda can? Or worst of all, taking that new crystal pendant your aunt got for a Christmas gift and attempting to conduct some density-fluid experiments…er…just like Archimedes, you say?

At the very least we can make sure we sing our Christmas carols properly this time around…the usual “All I want for Christmas is…” except with a twist…

Lacking inspiration? Check out scientific Christmas carols at

Scrooge, for one, would certainly benefit from knowing more about the REM sleep cycles that could potentially explain his hallucinations of the three ghosts…