…but didn’t we know that already? Well apparently, according to a new study done by researchers at Mass General Hospital…

“Evidently we women see a man’s willingness to share negative feelings as a sign that he’s invested in the relationship. Cohen says: “That’s telling her something about his availability to engage in the conflict.”

Men feel exactly the opposite about those moments of conflict: They see it as a threat to the relationship. Instead, Cohen says, “They do derive satisfaction when their girlfriends or wives are happy.””

As NPR blogger Nancy Shute puts it, “I guess we women have to stop and take notice at those moments of male happiness. And men could profit by starting a sentence with the phrase “I feel bad about ….””  That’s true. But there is probably a reason that this type of behavior has emerged in pair-bonding in humans…perhaps there is some kind of evolutionary adaptation for it?

Any ideas?