…are the ones who do.”

Well, spoken Mr. Steve Jobs.

No one had believed Columbus when he proclaimed that the world was round. The Church long ago hated Galileo. The dreamer might have been stoned for thinking getting a man on the moon was possible. And yet all these were.

We’ve seen many decades ago that first “small step” for Neil Armstrong, which has been followed by a hot pursuit of further ardent missions into the great unknown. In the latest yet, the Dragon marks SpaceX’s first step in space travel as a private company. According to an article in the New York Times, SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk says they ultimately want to revolutionize space travel and spacecraft with reusable rockets and even send people to Mars. While we have yet a ways to go before Musk’s vision of humanity on Mars at least, we must remember that the words of Steve Jobs has held true even long before he said them.

Below is a snapshot of a part of the International Space Station.

(Courtesy of the NASA, via Associated Press) Robotic arm grapples SpaceX cargo.

And while Star Trek and Stars Wars might be the first of fiction mingling with science to cross our minds, for those 90s kids amongst us, the idea of people in space might hit closer to home.