It’s not my fault that I get hungry at 2 a.m. and end up dashing to the Kong. In fact, the Kong has become my favorite late-night destination. The owners know me as shrimp-fried rice. But you know, the walking is a pain. Pajamas are simply too comfortable. I have learned to cope with hunger.

But what if I told you that you could cook your own food? Without leaving your room? Using a 3D printer? That’s right. Instant shrimp fried rice.

The possibilities are endless.

Earlier this year, Professor Hod Lipson of Cornell University developed an affordable 3D printer model that can be purchased by the public. While it is able to print edible commodities like cookies (watch him do so in the video), it can also print everything from human ears to heart valves. Therefore, this new technology possesses great potential for the future. For me, the printer could satisfy my hunger during late-night study sessions, but for others, it might save their lives – for instance, imagine an ambulance that has an advanced 3D printer installed. Maybe some day, the machine could allow for instant download and printing of necessary human cells and structures. How many lives would that save?

As for me, how many more food-deprived nights await?


Image credit: TED Talks




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