We are a biannual publication that promotes undergraduate research by publishing undergraduate research and highlighting relevant advancements in the scientific community of Harvard University. By showcasing peer-reviewed student research from all disciplines, including the applied sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, we familiarize a wide range of students with the manuscript submission and evaluation process and present a wide span of academic inquiry to the Harvard community. We are the only peer-reviewed journal of undergraduate research at Harvard College.

At its core, THURJ allows students to gain insight into the peer review process, which lies central to modern scientific investigation. All THURJ manuscripts are rigorously reviewed by the Peer Review Board (consisting of undergraduates at Harvard College), and the top selections are reviewed by Harvard graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and professors. This process stimulates faculty-student collaboration and provides students with valuable feedback on their research; it also promotes collaboration between the College and Harvard’s many graduate and professional schools.

In addition to publishing original student research papers, we also publish feature articles and op-eds on today’s most important scientific happenings, covering a multitude of topics and styles. Every article in THURJ is carefully presented by our Design Board, which maintains creativity, readability, and aesthetics in every page. Moreover, THURJ’s Social and Public Relations board holds monthly speaker events, offering THURJ members as well as the broader undergraduate community into the insights and ideas of some of today’s leading scientists. Underlying all our operations is the Business Board, where members pursue projects to optimize our operations.

THURJ provides a comprehensive forum for scientific discourse on the cutting-edge research that impacts our world today. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for the many undergraduates passionate about research at Harvard to publish their work and to support the University’s recent emphasis on student innovation and research.

We hope you enjoy our journal and website!